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                      J.R.'s Tub & Tile Specializes in Refinishing for bathrooms and kitchens.

                              We take your existing fixtures and restore to like new condition.
        We restore bathtubs, ceramic wall and floor tile.
We also have beautiful finishes for
all types of counter tops & vanity tops


                Call us today for a free estimate.

Counter Tops
Tub & Tile

Refinishing your current bathtub, ceramic tile, or counter top saves you time and money. At a fraction of the cost of replacement you can have a kitchen or bath that looks as good as new without the messy tearout.

  Cost & Time Effective                 Economical & Environmental         5 year warranty

Refinishing and restoring keeps needless waste out of our landfills. We can repair most issues like chips, cracks, water damage, and mold.  Leaving you with an easy to clean and beautiful finish that will last with proven durability.

The highest quality in professional refinishing available is guaranteed and ensured to last with a 5 year written warranty.  We enjoy the process of impressing our customers. ​

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