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1. Everything in the area is covered with cloth drops, paper and plastic.


2. Exhaust system is set up to minimize dust.


3. Surfaces are sanded smooth.  Any cracks or chips are repaired at this time. If bathtub or tile is refinished the surface is    cleaned, etched and prepared.


4. An adhesive primer is applied to the surface with a low pressure spraying system.


5. The desired coating is applied over the adhesive primer.


6. For standard one color application (tubs, tile, cabinets) only one day process is required. The Stone-Fleck finish is clear coated the following morning for ultimate durability, therefore is a two day process.**

7. We clean up our mess and leave you with a beautiful modern look.


**Usable in as little as 24 hours from completion but will continue to harden for maximum durability up to 30 days.


What is Stone Fleck?

Your kitchen and bathroom counter tops or tile can be resurfaced with our state of the art Stone Fleck Finish. This durable imitation stone finish provides the desirable look of stone at a fraction of the cost of replacement.   It is an Eco-friendly product that is preferred by consumers today. You will never have to reseal or polish this finish and it is incredibly easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth or use your favorite non-abrasive cleaner.  


How long does the finish last?

You can expect to get 10 or more years with normal wear. 


Can I cut on my resurfaced tops?

No type of counter top should be used as a cutting board. It is not a sanitary practice and could damage your counter tops.


​How should I clean the resurfaced area?
The surface is a non-porous and it cleans easily with common household disinfectants. No need for abrasives.


Will it chip?

Chips are rare however not impossible if struck with a sharp or heavy object. If this does happen it can easily be repaired.


Can I put hot items on counter?

No.  A pot holder should be used for very hot items.


​Do I have to remove the kitchen sink?
It is not necessary however if you plan to replace the sink any time soon it is best to remove it prior to resurfacing and replace it after the resurface is completed.


How long has this process been around?

Bathtub and tile resurfacing has been around for more than 30 years.  Counter top resurfacing, developed a little later and mostly in drab solid colors.  With the ever growing demand for alternatives to replacement, the refinishing industry has invested in and improved the look and durability of products available today.  


Is there a warranty?​

You will receive a 5-year written guarantee from the date of application.


What do I need to do before the J.R.'s Tub & Tile Technician arrives?

1. Make sure your drains are draining.

2. Make sure there are no dripping faucets. If water is dripping in your tub we cannot spray.

3. Replace drains if you plan on doing this. There will be a charge go come back and spray where the new drain does not cover.

3. Clear you bathroom of personal items. Clear items from counters. Remember the Technician will mask off the area around tub/shower to avoid overspray. He ues paper, plastics and drops to do this. 

4. We must have power (we cannot run an extension cord) & water (We cannot run a water hose).



About our Process:
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